• Norwegian Oilfield Supply AS have modern facilities located at Forus, Sandnes, Forsand and Ågotnes, Norway.
Teamwork is a importent skill i NOS

NOS Service

Making sure your equipment is running optimally.

In order to avoid down time, equipment maintenance is an absolute necessity. We offer great service deals, taking care of the job for you, big or small.

Our skilled mechanics do service, prefab and assembly, maintenance, total re-furbishing and certification of all types of equipment – documentation included.  We offer engineering and production of custom solutions to accommodate your requirements.

We specialize in service and maintenance of drilling/hoisting equipment of all types. We have a large inventory of 3rd party OEM spare parts, avoiding delay. 

In addition, our certified personnel can perform service on site, onshore or offshore.

Our competitive advantage is unmatched customer service at competitive prices


Please contact us for questions or a competitive quotation at : post@oilfieldsupply.no